aboutThe goal of the Club is to generate an increased level of enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. To hold events that are intended to promote moral and safe riding among Law Enforcement Personnel, Emergency
Service Personnel, Fire Fighters, Corrections and civilians that have a high regard for such personnel. We are a non-profit organization that raises money for Charity Organizations of the Clubs choice.

We are NOT a 1% club, nor do we claim to be. We are proud to wear our colors with the State rocker because many of us carry badges which plainly proclaim our service to the State. Many of us have fought, bled and sacrificed for our communities. Some of us have saved lives, a few of us have had to take lives but ALL of us would GIVE our lives to protect the people of our communities. We have EARNED the right to wear our colors.

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For info, questions, or comments please contact the webmaster at    lawdogswebmaster@gmail.com

The Black Background

colorsBoth the Rockers and the Patch include a black background which represents the dark void that is left when an Officer is killed in the line of duty. The Watchdog wears a black collar as a constant reminder for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while ensuring the safety of others.

The Watchdog

The protector of life and property is always on guard! The Watchdog represents the Police and Emergency personnel who are always on guard to protect and serve citizens of their communities.

The Sword Holding the Scales of Justice

The sword is the universal symbol of truth, courage and victory, often used as the symbol of a highly skilled warrior protecting his castle or land. Attached to the scales of justice, it represents the courage to uphold the law. The Scales of Justice Balancing justice, the Roman goddess of justice was called Justitia, and was often portrayed as evenly balancing both scales. The Law Dogs support enforcing both the spirit and the letter of the law while balancing the two and while protecting the rights of all we serve.